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Alexandre Varlet

Brittany, France

Alexandre Varlet

Although Alexandre Varlet may not be the most prolific of French singer-songwriters, he is without doubt one of the most talented.

After releasing two albums at the turn of the century, Naïf Comme Le Couteau and Dragueuse De Fond, Varlet is back in 2007 with Ciel De FêteSoleil Noir follows in 2010, Alexandre Varlet in 2013 and Soulage in 2018. 

"It's bands like JOY DIVISION that inspired me to make music. When I discovered these groups and, more generally, the 4AD and Factory labels, I bought an acoustic guitar with the intention of trying to reproduce those sounds in my own style. It was obvious from the beginning that I was going to write lyrics in French and play an acoustic guitar. The challenge for me was to transcribe the emotions that I got from THE CURE or COCTEAU TWINS using my own voice and my own instrument. It is in this way that I think I have constructed my own sound. I got into folk later on through NICK DRAKE, DYLAN, COHEN, and, more recently, the groups on the American label Kranky."

Derision, introspection, biting humour and sensuality, Alexandre's great strength lies in his lyrics. They have a unique poetry and are delivered with a sweet yet sharp voice that you would recognise anywhere.

Yet, Alexandre knows when to step back and never allows himself to sink into pathos. Album after album, he offers a hard and often deeply moving version of human nature.