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In Gowan Ring

Astoria, Oregon, USA

In Gowan Ring

As American poet, pilgrim, founder of wyrd-folk and the man behind In Gowan Ring (and also BIRCH BOOK), B'ee has developed a homespun sonic tapestry with a peculiar richness of vision. He has recorded numerous records and performed in over thirty countries worldwide.

His first three albums, Love CharmsThe Twin Trees, and The Glinting Spade, are landmarks in the American psychedelic folk scene of the 90s. In 2002, he released Hazel Steps Through A Weathered Home and acquired a growing reputation in Europe.

Rooted in both the psychedelic folk of the 60s and early music, In Gowan Ring takes an unusual path that foreshadows the birth of the new weird america movement popularized by DEVENDRA BANHART et JOANNA NEWSOME.

B'ee put his In Gowan Ring work on hold at the turn of the new century in favour of a more direct folk music approach under the name of Birch Book.

The Serpent and the Dove is released in 2015. It is In Gowan Ring's 5th album after a 13-year hiatus.