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In Gowan Ring "The Serpent and the Dove" 3 song album preview

September 17, 2015

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B'ee is a leading figure in psychedelic folk, who has recorded under the pseudonyms IN GOWAN RING and BIRCH BOOK since the mid-90s. The Serpent and the Dove is his 8th album. It is also In Gowan Ring's 5th album after a 13-year hiatus.

A modern-day troubadour, B'ee makes his own instruments, travels the world and brings back a myriad of musical influences. 60s psychedelic folk and early music remain his main sources of inspiration, though.

"The Serpent and the Dove recounts an alchemical journey through a luminous garden around the Living Tree; there is a serpent… and a dove. A candle flame flickers in the night, illuminating the face of a wandering sage sitting by a stream. He sings a story about a cosmic dancer which he’d heard whispered through the reeds: her rainbow eyes, her bowl of tea, and a field of dreams out of which grew the universe and all that we can see... There are willows; there are masks of leaves; there are thousands of bees." -B’ee

Thirteen years after his previous album, In Gowan Ring continues to enchant and take us back to the essence of what we are.

The Serpent and the Dove - 2015 European Tour
17.09.15 (DE) Dresden - KIF
18.09.15 (DE) Postdam - Neuendorfer Kirche
19.09.15 (DE) Leipzig - UT Connewitz
20.09.15 (DE) Kassel - (Secret location) write to stillepoststreik[at]
23.09.15 (FR) Paris - Théâtre du Temps
26.09.15 (DE) Düsseldorf - Filmwerkstatt
03.10.15 (UK) Lewes - ZU Studios
04.10.15 (UK) Petrockstowe (Devon) - St Petroc's Church
05.10.15 (UK) Stroud - Star Anise Arts Café
07.10.15 (UK) Stalybridge - The Q Inn
10.10.15 (IE) Kinsale (County Cork) - Temperence Hall
14.10.15 (UK) Leicester - Guild Hall
15.10.15 (UK) London - I'klectik Art-Lab
16.10.15 (UK) Hereford - Much Dewchurch
17.10.15 (UK) Manchester - Carefully Planned Festival
22.10.15 (DK) Aalborg - Huset
23.10.15 (SE) Göteborg - Amandas Teatre
24.10.15 (NO) Oslo - St. Edmund's Church
25.10.15 (SE) Karlstad - Acksjöns Kapell
26.10.15 (SE) Tivedstorp - Chapel

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