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Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel 2008 - † 2013 - Archives

Pioneers of apartment concerts in Paris, Julie and Damien, the couple behind Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel, received fifty groups on the terrace of their apartment on the 7th floor of a building in the neighborhood of Château Rouge.

Overlooking the beautiful skyline of the capital, the adventure began in 2008 with the Irish band The Sleeping Years and ended in 2013 with the New Zealand duo French For Rabbits.

The concept was simple:

1° Invite musicians whose music and artistic process the couple enjoyed.

2° Invite people unknown to the couple and open the doors of their house after a competition to attend.

3° Give the address of 7ème Ciel to the winners at the last moment and ask them to bring drinks and snacks to share.

4° Partying, sometimes for hours on end, with the musicians and the audience they met that same evening.

From 2008 to 2013, 7ème Ciel received an audience of over 1,500 people. Every evening, the artists made money only from the sale of their records and visitors often enchanted by the concept, the place and the music went home with stars in their eyes.

Although the Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel adventure has now come to an end, Les Disques du 7ème Ciel continues to hold concerts in intimate and unusual places in Paris. These are presented below in the “Outside” section.

Season 1 Archive

Season 2 Archive

Season 3 Archive

Season 4 Archive

Out of Season


From time to time, Les Concerts du 7ème Ciel promote gigs in other Parisian venues.

7ème Ciel Videos

  • The Sleeping Years

    Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques De Pluie

  • Heligoland


  • The Daredevil Christopher Wright

    The Daredevil Christopher Wright

  • French For Rabbits

    French For Rabbits

  • Flip Grater

    Flip Grater

  • B’ee


7ème Ciel Pre-gig Video Sessions

7ème Ciel's press partner for most of the rooftop concerts, POPnews, filmed a few video sessions with the artists before the audience arrived for the evening's concerts.

  • Holden


  • Belle Arché Lou

    Belle Arché Lou

  • Mark Beazley

    Mark Beazley

  • Pete Astor

    Pete Astor

  • A-lix


  • Agathe


  • The Missing Season

    The Missing Season

  • Catchers


  • This Is The Kit

    This Is The Kit

  • Jérôme Minière

    Jérôme Minière

  • Gareth Dickson

    Gareth Dickson

  • Frànçois & Luc

    Frànçois & Luc

  • The Sleeping Years

    The Sleeping Years

Other Video Sessions

Very rarely, 7ème Ciel loaned its rooftop for a night session without an audience to young directors and musicians they particularly like.

  • Loney Dear

    Loney Dear

  • Lisa Hannigan

    Lisa Hannigan 1

  • Lisa Hannigan

    Lisa Hannigan 2