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Jérôme Minière & Agathe

July 28, 2011

It is not clear what prompted JEROME MINIERE to quit his native France and move near Montreal in Quebec. Perhaps it was the desire or need to enrich his life that made him cross the ocean. And rightly so.

In the 90s, Jérôme released his first two albums on the now sadly defunct label Lithium. Six others followed on the Quebec label La Tribu, including Le Vrai Le Faux, released a few months before his concert at 7ème Ciel. Deadpan and endearing, Le Vrai Le Faux, is, as is common for Jérôme's work, a great pop album. The lack of interest in France is simply incomprehensible.

Songwriter of the year, producer of the year and album of the year, Jerome collects awards and has earned the unanimous approval of both music professionals and audiences in Quebec. France has not appreciated or supported its own most deserving and original talents for a long time.

Accompanied by his drummer, José Major, a man who would play drums on anything he could get his hands on, Jérôme sang a series of pop numbers – his speciality. With an acoustic guitar, a small amp, a cheap drum machine, a homemade drum kit, and a lovely atmosphere, Jérôme and José provided a treat for an audience charmed by such generosity.

While studying classical singing, AGATHE discovered the ukulele in 2008. She quickly began to upload videos of cover versions and regularly appears on the site Ukehunt, which is a reference point for ukulele players worldwide.

In 2009, she won the international Bushman ukulele competition. Encouraged by her experience at the Avignon Festival, where she sang in the street, she began writing her own songs and recorded a eponymous EP in 2010. 

Following her concert on the 7ème Ciel terrace, Agathe founded INGLENOOK


Jérôme Minière & Agathe

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