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Les Fragments de la Nuit

July 19, 2008

LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT are a young and classically trained group who are fond of the booming salvos and infinite hope that oozes from the music of ARVO PÄRT and GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR. We welcomed them to 7ème Ciel on 19 July 2008.

The quintet are more accustomed to the space of castles and abbeys than our little 7th heavens, pretty though it is. However, they scaled down for the night and three members of the group – Aurore Moutomè (on violin) and two of her composers, Michel Villar (on piano) and Ombeline Chardes (on violin) – performed daring contemporary music with such eloquence and melancholy that it left us with the feeling of being free from the world around us.

As well as Les Fragments de la Nuit, we also welcomed PHILIPPE KOCH, photographer and friend of 7ème Ciel, (he is the man behind the images of the artists on the posters from the first season) for an exhibition of black and white photos.


Les Fragments de la Nuit

Season 1 Archive

  • The Sleeping Years
  • Dave Olliffe & Frédéric D. Oberland
  • Les Fragments de la Nuit
  • Michael Wookey
  • Richard Lewis
  • In Gowan Ring
  • And Also The Trees
  • Heligoland

Season 2 Archive

  • Frànçois,<br /> Luc
  • Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques de Pluie
  • Orouni,<br /> Michael Wookey
  • Glen Johnson & Angèle David-Guillou
  • Kwoon
  • Whalebone Polly,<br /> Ladybird,<br /> Rozi Plain

Season 3 Archive

  • Tiago Sousa
  • Vradiazei
  • The Hand,<br /> Ichi,<br /> Andy Skellam
  • Birch Book
  • Tom Cooney,<br /> Loney Dear
  • Robert Gomez,<br /> Erica Buettner,<br /> The Resident Cards
  • Alexandre Varlet
  • Josh T. Pearson
  • Lolito
  • Maud Lübeck,<br /> Julien Ribot
  • Transbeauce,<br /> Diego Zavatarelli
  • The Daredevil Christopher Wright

Season 4 Archive

  • Mark Fry,<br /> We Were Hunters
  • Holden
  • Mark Beazley,<br /> Belle Arché Lou
  • Theo Hakola
  • Pete Astor,<br /> A-Lix
  • Agathe,<br /> Jérôme Minière
  • The Missing Season,<br /> Perce-Neige
  • Catchers,<br /> This Is The Kit

Out of Season

  • Gareth Dickson,<br /> Fiodor Dream Dog
  • French For Rabbits,<br /> Flip Grater,<br /> B’ee


  • And Also The Trees
  • In Gowan Ring,<br /> Lisa o Piu,<br /> Diego Zavatarelli
  • Theo Hakola,<br /> Lolito,<br /> Alexandre Varlet,<br /> Maud Lübeck
  • In Gowan Ring,<br /> Goodbye Ivan
  • Horla Patrie,<br /> Richard Lewis
  • Minors,<br /> Daniel Chavis
  • Heligoland,<br /> She Owl