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Mark Fry & We Were Hunters

June 18, 2011

A renowned painter who has been based in Normandy for many years, MARK FRY recorded Dreaming With Alice in 1972. It is a monumental album which remains a cornerstone of the psychedelic folk scene. It changed hands between music fans for a small fortune until its reissue in 2006. In 2008, it was followed by a second album, Shooting The Moon. Between these two recordings, Mark Fry travelled through Africa, returning with a lasting source of inspiration for his painting.

Mark is a musician who very rarely performs live, and he was joined for this unique concert by Aine O'Dwyer (UNITED BIBLE STUDIES) on harp and Michael Tanner (PLINTH, THE A. LORDS, UNITED BIBLES TUDIES) on guitar. With a new album, I Lived In Trees, just recorded for the English label Second Language Music, Mark gave the 7ème Ciel audience the chance to be the first to hear his latest songs. Due to bad weather, the concert moved to the pretty attic of the beautiful Lavoir Moderne Parisien. Inside this nearby theatre, which is run by a local association, we were able to hear the sweetness and beauty of the timeless songs of the legendary Mark Fry.

In 2008, whilst involved in many musical and film activities, Chloe Dunn and Alban Place Verghnes formed WE WERE HUNTERS. The Anglo-French duo travelled around Britain for almost a year, coming up with the idea of exploring traditional English sounds in order to export some of the country's musical heritage. At the time of the concert, We Were Hunters were based in Paris, preparing their first EP.

Mark Fry & We Were Hunters

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