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Robert Gomez & Erica Buettner & The Resident Cards

July 20, 2010

Often seen playing with his friends MIDLAKE , the American singer-songwriter ROBERT GOMEZ was invited along to 7ème Ciel. This concert took place during his European tour with JOHN GRANT (The Czars).
With three albums to his name – Etherville (2005), Brand New Towns (2007) and Pine Sticks and Phosphorus (2009) – Robert writes brilliant indie-folk bursting with melody, with lyrics often marked by a somewhat disenchanted romanticism. The Denton, TX based musician previewed new songs which appeared two years later on his album Severance songs.

ERICA BUETTNER hails from Connecticut. She has been living in Paris for several years. This young lady's folk songs are beautifully intoxicating. Erica previewed songs which appeared a few months later on True Love And Water, her first album. On the July night that she played 7ème Ciel, the softness and purity of her voice bewitched the Paris sky.

THE RESIDENT CARDS is a project by Erica Buettner and Dana Boulé, a classically trained pianist and accordionist from New York. Although these two friends have voices that go together perfectly, their inspirations are very different: Erica cites LEONARD COHEN and VASHTI BUNYAN, whereas it is the New York punk scene for Dana. It is a diversity that enriches their songs. They were working on their debut album, We Won't Leave Any Trace, when we welcomed them to 7ème Ciel.


Robert Gomez & Erica Buettner & The Resident Cards

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