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Whalebone Polly & Ladybird & Rozi Plain

September 15, 2009

The second season of 7ème Ciel concerts ended on 15 September 2009 with an evening of pop and folk songs performed by Whalebone Polly, Ladybird and Rozi Plain as well as Frànçois (FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS) as special guest. 

WHALEBONE POLLY, is an English folk duo. RACHAEL DADD and Kate Stables (THIS IS THE KIT), played songs from Taproot and Sill, an EP which followed on from their first album, Recordings With The Window Open. This album became their ticket into the legendary Glastonbury Festival. They also opened for THE NATIONAL on some of their European dates.

Led by a young French nomad called Victor Crespi, LADYBIRD have travelled the world since 2003 performing their sunny melodies alongside friends such as FRANCOIS & THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS, CAMERA OBSCURA and OKKERVIL RIVER. At 7ème Ciel, Ladybird performed tracks from their Silver Boat EP, which they recorded in New York, and some new songs planned for a new album entitled We Want To Make You Smile.

Since she has lived in Bristol, ROZI PLAIN, a young British singer originally from Winchester, has worked on the ferries that go across the Avon and back. It's a source of inspiration for her and the experience of these trips can be found in her songs. Now signed to Fence by KING CREOSOTE, Rozi introduced us to the charming sounds of her debut album, Inside Over Here. She also played numbers from her forthcoming long player, Joined Sometimes Unjoined


Whalebone Polly & Ladybird & Rozi Plain

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