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The Serpent and the Dove – In Gowan Ring

Released September 23, 2015 (7C12D)

The Serpent and the Dove

B'ee is a leading figure in psychedelic folk, who has recorded under the pseudonyms IN GOWAN RING and BIRCH BOOK since the mid-90s. The Serpent and the Dove is his 8th album. It is also In Gowan Ring's 5th album after a 13-year hiatus.

A modern-day troubadour, B'ee makes his own instruments, travels the world and brings back a myriad of musical influences. 60s psychedelic folk and early music remain his main sources of inspiration, though.

"The Serpent and the Dove recounts an alchemical journey through a luminous garden around the Living Tree; there is a serpent… and a dove. A candle flame flickers in the night, illuminating the face of a wandering sage sitting by a stream. He sings a story about a cosmic dancer which he'd heard whispered through the reeds: her rainbow eyes, her bowl of tea, and a field of dreams out of which grew the universe and all that we can see... There are willows; there are masks of leaves; there are thousands of bees." -B'ee

Thirteen years after his previous album, In Gowan Ring continues to enchant and take us back to the essence of what we are.


  • 01. The serpent
  • 02. Thousands of bees
  • 03. Sial at play
  • 04. Julia willow
  • 05. Set a candle in the night
  • 06. Field of dream
  • 07. A song, a story and a stone
  • 08. The dove



Songs of timeless beauty. The perfect soundtrack for autumn nights.

– Oliver s. Tyr (Faun)

An album of rare power, it's hushed strength coming equally from its emotive impact and lovingly adorned song cycles. A true treasure.

– The Active Listener / Grey Malkin

Wenn immer ein neues oder aufgewärmtes Musikphänomen auf der Bildfläche erscheint, gibt es Vorreiter, denen der Ruhm der Popularität verwehrt bleibt, dafür aber die Liebe und Anerkennung dezidierter Anhänger auch über einen Hype hinaus sicher ist. Im Folk und seinen dunklen, psychedelischen Spielarten, der im letzten Jahrzehnt in aller Munde war, ist B'ee eine solche Figur.

– African Paper

Die Lieder haben etwas Wanderndes, Schwärmendes, wozu die leisen Country-Anklänge passen, die mir auf "The Serpent And The Dove" ab und zu auffallen. Psychedelische Folkmusik, zart und zerbrechlich wie ein zitterndes Spinnennetz oder ein fallendes Herbstblatt. Traumhaftes 'Comeback'.

– NonPop / Michael We

Sono sufficienti i poco più di tre minuti dello strumentale d'apertura "The Serpent" a trasportare in una dimensione aliena, sulle ali di archi obliqui, che torneranno, più modulati e solenni, a chiudere idealmente ("The Dove") l'itinerario in una galleria di scorci bucolici fantastici, tracciato da B'ee nel corso dell'album.

– Music Won't Save You

Le médiévalisme moderne et faussement désuet fait irrémédiablement songer au Perceval le Gallois d'Eric Rohmer. The Serpent and the Dove est un joyau sonique de folk ouvragé.

– Unidivers / Thierry Jolif

The Serpent and the Dove låter som man förväntar, men där man fortfarande är hundratals lyssnar ifrån att upptäcka alla dolda nyanser och stämningar på albumet. För det är hans typiska ljudbilder med, någon slags förgången europeisk mysticism över det, i klangerna och esoteriskt i texterna.

– Allt For Musik / Sanjin Đumišić

Glorious melodic twists and turns. Psychedelic folk album of the year.

– Terrascope / Phil McMullen

In Gowan Ring has reclaimed its rightful throne as king of all autumnal lullabyes.

– Invisible Oranges / Jon Rosenthal

The Serpent and the Dove brille de mille feux. Une merveille de folk psychédélique.

– Pinkushion / Georges Vedeau

Strongly reminiscent of folk music's golden era. A masterpiece set in stone.

– Heathen Harvest / Malachy O’Brien

Unique et envoûtant.

– Benzine Mag / Benoit Richard

Entre folk spirituel et tradition mystique, un grand album automnal.

– Froggy's Delight / Laurent Coudol

Un nouvel opus proche de l'état de grâce.

– Rock Station

Profondément beau et touchant. Un vrai coup de cœur.

– Sorties de Secours / Emmanuelle Debaussart

Les huit titres qui tracent le chemin du serpent à la colombe sont absolument magnifiques.

– A Découvrir Absolument / Alex BBH

Un magnifique objet de folk hantée.

– Balades Sonores

Una piccola perla nel suo genere e ci fa ascoltare nuovamente un artista misterioso.

– Debaser

Eden musical et folk paradisiaque, The Serpent and the Dove est la bande son des jours qui rallongent, d'une certaine lumière qui flotte, celle qui provient du 7ème ciel.

– Les Chroniques de Charlu

Lang geleden dat we nog nummers gehoord hebben die zo hemels in de oren klinken, en wat dat betreft moet het ene hoogtepunt niet onderdoen voor het andere.

– Dark Entries / Dimi Brands

The perfect marriage of psychedelic folk with a sensibility firmly placed in the Middle Ages.

– Mind De-Coder

Music can be quiet, gentle and measured to achieve maximal impact and that is exactly what In Gowan Ring aims to do.

– Wheaton's Law

Moins sombre qu'à l'accoutumée, The Serpent and the Dove est une petite merveille du genre.

– Hop Blog

"And the angels singing choir… They pierce my breast and flood my mind / The Light Eternal leaves me blind and struck dumb at the cross" Set a Candle in the Night is one of the most hushed, subdued moments in B'eirth's considerable repertoire, and without a doubt, one of the most beautiful.

– / Jason Morehead

A gentle mixture of Dead Can Dance and The Wicker Man soundtrack. It's romantic troubadour stuff. As hokey as that might sound, it does a pretty incredible job of never coming off hokey.

– The Talkhouse / Josh Strawn

Слушаю я эти песни и удивляюсь — как удается нашему герою создавать настолько умиротворяющую музыку в наше безумное время? Почитаешь новости, выйдешь на улицу, поговоришь с людьми — создается такое впечатление, что мир катится в пропасть, а включишь IN GOWAN RING — жизнь прекрасна, все хорошо и будет еще лучше! Завидую таким позитивным людям, которые не просто видят вокруг себя красоту, но еще и способны этой красотой делиться с окружающими.

– Stigmata

The Serpent And The Dove ci mostra come In Gowan Ring non sia affatto cambiato in tutti questi anni: possiamo così ascoltare nuovamente un artista di spessore che ha mantenuto la sua integrità donandoci ancora un disco ispirato sempre nel solco di un folk tradizionale.

– Ver Sacrum / Caesar

A truly superb album that shows B'ee to be quite honestly one of the most talented songwriters and musicians to be found in the underground music world.

– Bliss Aquamarine

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