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CLIM8 – Goodbye Ivan

Released July 22, 2017 (7C13)


CLIM8 is a pluridisciplinary project about climate change presented at Festival Altitudes, Switzerland. It is a collaboration between European musicians ARNAUD IVAN SPONAR and SABRINA MORAND and American filmmakers KATHERIN MACHALEK and RAINE VIVIAN.

The CLIM8 soundtrack consists of two long pieces of 20+ minutes each, I/II Inhale and III/IV Exhale, and combines elements of contemporary classical, electronic and post-rock music.

The film presents a perspective shift on global warming, exploring concepts about human delusions, myth-making and self-induced disaster.

"CLIM8 focuses on the emotional reactions to climate change had by average people like us, who are often left with conflicting or incomplete information about the science surrounding it.
We came up with four chapters: denial (Respire), impatience (Changing Forms), confusion (Dripping with Facts), and desperation (Burn Out). All are obstacles, distractions, or techniques to avoid dealing with human responsibility for climate change." Katherin Machalek

In 2017-2018, CLIM8 will be screened in various European countries with live musical accompaniment by Goodbye Ivan as Arnaud Ivan Sponar on piano, guitar and electronics and SABRINA MORAND on violin.


  • 01. I/II Inhale
  • 02. III/IV Exhale


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12” Vinyl LP + DVD
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