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Birch Book – Birch Book

Released May 23, 2010 (7C2)

Birch Book

Aware of Birch Book's interest in French language and culture, Les Disques du 7ème Ciel suggested that they collaborate on the release of a record based on French song.

"As I remember, La Chanson de Prévert, a SERGE GAINSBOURG song that pays tribute to JACQUES PREVERT's poem Les Feuilles Mortes, was the first French chanson that I learned to play as a means to help with my studies several years back. Besides having some personal poignancy, I relished the seamless wordplay and 'homage to song' aspects.

Not long after, it seemed necessary, then, to disinter The Dead Leaves within the song. Having a weakness for obtuse games of letters, and in keeping with a certain metaphysical imperative, I then was unable to avoid the injunction to construct a 'meta-homage' in order to satisfy an eccentric inclination in expression of the senses and evolution of the genre." -Birch Book

This eponymous EP contains six tracks – a reworking of Life's lace, which originally appeared on his album A Hand Full Of Days, and five new ones.

The vinyl is packaged in a 400gsm grey cardstock gatefold sleeve and comes with two large art inserts on uncoated 300gsm white paperboard and a full CD version of the EP housed in a printed 400gsm grey cardstock sleeve.

It is all hand-made from 100% recycled raw paper. The package also includes a unique 100% embroidered Birch Book patch exclusive to the release.


  • 01. Life's lace
  • 02. Le temps de vivre
  • 03. La chanson de PrĂ©vert
  • 04. Son du soleil
  • 05. Les feuilles mortes
  • 06. Vent d'automne



Pretty haunting — and haunted — music... perfect for grey rainy mornings.

– / Jason Morehead

The songs sound like something one might hear emanating from the warm windows of a cottage nestled in the startling green of the French countryside.

– kNOw Deposit, kNOw Return

These beautiful folk lullabies could calm even the most savage beast.

– The Inarguable

Troubadour égaré au temps du numérique, Birch Book cultive une distance aux choses qui rend sa musique fascinante.

– POPnews

L'évasion parfaite à travers les maquis du rêve.

– Les Inrockuptibles

Du Kosma, Prévert, Gainsbourg et Moustaki. Six chansons sur lesquelles le temps s'arrête pour une matinée fraîche de lumière printanière. Pas un brin de vent, tout est calme et je reste là, à attendre que la chape grise éblouissante se dissipe.

– Les Chroniques de Charlu

+ Postage

10” Vinyl EP
CD version of the EP, two large art inserts and a unique patch