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Lobotom – Maud Lübeck

Released December 24, 2012 (7C4D)


Along with La Fabrique, Les Disques du 7ème Ciel is releasing Lobotom, the soundtrack to an imaginary film recorded by Maud Lübeck.

Published in the form of a CD with a beautiful 28-page heavyweight booklet, wonderfully illustrated by our in-house designer, Damian O'Hara, Lobotom charts the adventures of Emma, a young woman who is charmed by a real estate ad for a house to let on an island. When she enters the house, she falls through the floor and continues her tour in the haunted basement. She then finds herself in a strange and unusual universe. It is none other than her own body and she wants to take possession of it.

The story, written in French and translated into English and Spanish in the booklet, allows us to see a side to Maud Lübeck that is different to the one in the album La Fabrique. More whimsical and experimental, Lobotom shows a young woman under the influence of SERGE GAINSBOURG (Melody Nelson era) and TIM BURTON.

The CD is packaged in a 28-page uncoated white silk paperboard libretto.


  • 01. fig.1. L'annonce
  • 02. fig.2. Les allées
  • 03. fig.3. La porte
  • 04. fig.4. Interlude viscéral
  • 05. fig.5. Etat des lieux
  • 06. fig.6. 3e sous-sol - Gaspard et Luna
  • 07. fig.7. 2e sous-sol - La marchande de pleurs
  • 08. fig.8. 1e sous-sol - Le tailleur pour dames
  • 09. fig.9. Interlude cérébral
  • 10. fig.10. Lobotom


On est ici dans une fable surréaliste lorgnant vers LEWIS CARROL. On pense à Alice lorsqu'Emma chute au sous-sol et y rencontre ces personnages improbables. Plus qu'une simple confirmation du talent de Maud Lübeck, on parlera de redécouverte. Un album sacrément intriguant.

– Le Cargo / Mélanie Fazi

A subtle work with minimalist musical accompaniment. This album is wonderfully beguiling.

– Incendiary Magazine / Stephen Watt

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