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Taking Wing / Jacob Fleet – In Gowan Ring / Birch Book

Released April 19, 2013 (7C8)

Taking Wing / Jacob Fleet

B'ee is the man behind In Gowan Ring and Birch Book. Since the mid 90s, this prolific American singer-songwriter has recorded numerous records, many of them released as hand-made limited editions. 

On this 7", B'ee gives his very own folk take on two tracks that he has a fondness for. 

Taking Wing is a cover of a song by Mark Fry, the legendary English psychedelic folk musician. It appears at the end of I Lived in Trees, an album that Fry recorded with The A. Lords. 
Jacob Fleet is a cover of a song by English post-punk band And Also The Trees. It is taken from their synth-infused album Green Is The Sea.

Taking Wing / Jacob Fleet is a limited edition release, with just 100 copies available (50 red sleeves and 50 black sleeves), and comes in a recycled gray cardstock silk-printed sleeve. 



  • 01. Taking wing
  • 02. Jacob Fleet

+ Postage

7” Single