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Two Summers – Various Artists

Released January 8, 2010 (7CSAMP1)

Two Summers

16-track compilation which brings together previously unreleased songs, new material and other rarities from most of the bands that performed on the 7ème Ciel Parisian rooftop during the first two seasons. 


  1. Les Fragments de la Nuit
    From the forthcoming album “Demain c'était Hier” (Equilibrium/Denovali)
    Concert details + photos
  2. Luc
    From the forthcoming album “Blablabla” (Another Record)
    Concert details + photos
  3. Ladybird
    67 rings
    From the forthcoming album “We Want To Make You Smile”
    Concert details + photos
  4. Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musique de Pluie feat. G.W. Sok
    Here We Go Again
    From the album “Chuchumuchu” (Chapimusic Records)
    Concert details + photos
  5. Rozi Plain
    The Sides (demo)
    One from the forthcoming selection of new songs
    Concert details + photos
  6. Richard Lewis
    All the Good Men
    From the forthcoming album “Untitled” (Louba RĂªve)
    Concert details + photos
  7. Dave Olliffe & Frédéric D. Oberland
    The New Frontier
    From the forthcoming album “Ghosts & Silver Lakes”
    Concert details + photos
  8. Whalebone Polly
    From “Taproot and Sill” EP (Dreamboat Records)
    Concert details + photos
  9. Heligoland
    The Whole Way Round the Circle
    Outtake from the forthcoming album “All Your Ships Are White” (Commission 45)
    Concert details + photos
  10. The Sleeping Years
    Islands (7ème Ciel mix)
    Original version appears on the album “We're Becoming Islands One by One” (Talitres/Rocket Girl)
    Concert details + photos
  11. And Also The Trees
    From the album “When The Rains Come” (AATT)
    Concert details + photos
  12. Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains
    Grande Avenue
    Outtake from “Brother” EP (Lejos Discos)
    Concert details + photos
  13. Kwoon
    I Lived on the Moon (Acoustic version)
    Original version appears on the album “Tales & Dreams” (Kwoon)
    Concert details + photos
  14. Orouni
    The Basement Of My Brain (MiLK & Fruit Juice cover)
    One from the forthcoming selection of new songs
    Concert details + photos
  15. Birch Book
    Le Temps de Vivre
    From the forthcoming “Birch Book” EP (Les Disques du 7ème Ciel)
    Concert details + photos
  16. Michael Wookey
    Big And Strong
    From the forthcoming album “GUN GALA” (MonsterK7)
    Concert details + photos


Luc – “Graveyard”

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Two Summers can be downloaded for free from our Bandcamp page in the audio format of your choice (MP3 320, WAV, FLAC), including CD artwork and liner notes.

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