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Les Disques du 7ème Ciel is an independent record label. We release records from musicians we like both as human beings and as artists, regardless of style or status.

Our records are available in our online shop and in the following record shops:
ATHENS - Le Disque Noir (Themistokleous 29)
AURAY - Bazoom (32 Rue du Belzic)
BARCELONA - Ultra-Local Records (Carrer de Pujades, 113)
BREST - Dialogues Musiques (37 Rue Louis Pasteur)
HONG KONG - Other Musick (Shop No. 216, New Trend Plaza, 278-288 King's Rd., N. Point)
LILLE - Quelquepart Records (58 Rue d'Artois)
MARSEILLE - Lollipop Music Store (2 Boulevard Théodore Thurner - 6e)
NANTES - Mélomane (2 Quai de Turenne)
NIMES - 340MS (2 Rue Auguste Pelet)
PARIS - All Access (3 Rue Brochant - 17e)
PARIS - Balades Sonores (1 Avenue Trudaine - 9e)
PARIS - Ground Zero (114 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière - 10e)
PARIS - L'International Records (12 Rue Moret - 11e)
PARIS - Penny Lane (23 Rue Sainte Marthe - 10e)
PARIS - Souffle Continu (20-22 Rue Gerbier - 11e)
PARIS - Walrus (34 ter Rue de Dunkerque - 10e)
VANNES - Cosmo Notes (16 Rue Emile Burgault)

The label's visual identity is designed by Damian O'Hara and Yann Orhan.
Our website is developed by Steve Wheeler